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About the International Tiger Project Board

Leif Cocks


Leif is the founder of the International Tiger Project (ITP). He has worked with wildlife, including Sumatran tigers, for more than 27 years, as a curator and small population biologist. In respect to his professional, animal, human and financial management skills, Leif has been an Australasian Species Management Program Committee Member; a Quarantine-Approved Assessor; Australasian Husbandry Adviser; Zoo Accreditation Officer; UN GRASP in-country point of contact, an International Species Coordinator and Chair of a World Aquarium and Zoo Association global conservation program.

Leif has several academic qualifications, including a Masters of Science studying orangutans. He lectures at universities, is a seasoned public speaker, supervises university students and regularly publishes papers in peer reviewed journals. Leif also has enormous field experience in protecting rainforest, rescuing and releasing wildlife.

Leif’s years in the field have earned him respect within the conservation field. He has been a key player in developing conservation plans for Indonesia and influencing positive change for wildlife protection and survival. This respect has given the ITP parent organisation, The Orangutan Project (TOP), world standing in conservation.

Troy Kenah

Vice President

Troy has been an active member of TOP for over 8 years and on the committee for the past 5 years.

Troy’s primary role within TOP centres on the organisation’s information services and graphic design. He developed the existing website and is currently responsible for managing all information services, such as the other TOP websites, email services and the member database. Troy also manages the graphic design for the organisation and was the creator of the TOP logo. In addition to these responsibilities, Troy was instrumental in the development and implementation of the TOP Adoption Programme.

Troy’s professional background is based primarily in the world of computing and management of computing services. Over the past 25 years he’s worked in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK with companies such as Mitsubishi, MCI WorldCom, Ozemail, the NSW Treasury and Research International.  With more than 10 years experience in statistical analysis of social and marketing research, he has a very good understanding of markets, people and attitudes.

Troy’s main goal is to help strengthen TOP as an organisation through consistent management, cohesive policies and processes in order to enable TOP to grow and function efficiently.  He feels this type of good governance is crucial to a non-governmental organisations like TOP. Like other members of the current committee, Troy sees the common values that bind the existing active members of the organisation together as a key factor to the fantastic success and growth of TOP.

Kylie Bullo

Conservation Project Manager

Kylie has been an active member of TOP since 1999 and has held a Board position since 2001, first as secretary and now as Conservation Project Manager. This position involves being in regular contact with TOP’s conservation partners about funding requirements, devising a project budget based on needs of conservation projects, writing funding agreements, obtaining orangutan adoption updates, sending funds overseas, obtaining and editing update reports and keeping the Board and TOP members informed about TOP’s projects.

Kylie has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology (with Distinction) and First Class Honours in Primate Behaviour. As the Senior Orangutan Keeper at Perth Zoo for over ten years, Kylie oversees the behavioural, diet, enrichment, health and breeding management of the orangutan colony. Kylie was the keeper in charge of the world’s only two zoo born orangutans to be released into a protected area of Sumatran rainforest. Kylie has extensive knowledge and experience in the care and management of orangutans including husbandry techniques, captive and wild behaviour, ecology and diet, reintroduction and release. Kylie regularly fills in as Primate Supervisor at Perth Zoo where she manages the primate section including animals, staff, rostering and budgeting.

Rebecca Wright

Board Member

Rebecca has extensive experience in international and especially in Asian investment and corporate knowledge, particularly as it relates to non-profit organisations/charities, fundraising from private sector and government donors.

Rebecca also brings high level connections with international/multilateral organisations, such as the UN, UNEP FI, World Bank, and grass roots investors across Asia. In addition Rebecca as high level understanding of international climate change negotiations. 

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