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Sumatran Tiger

Cinta's BIO

Cinta, meaning 'love' in Indonesia, lives in the hilly southern tip of the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (BTPNP) and into the lowland area of the ex-logging concession called Hatma Hutani. This concession is towards the east of BTPNP, near the Orangutan Sanctuary supported by The Orangutan Project (See area marked in yellow on the map).

Sumatran tigresses may come into oestrous throughout the year. Female oestrous cycles occur about every 30 days and the female is receptive for about five to seven days during this cycle. Gestation is just over 100 days. Cubs are typically born in a secluded area, in a central area of her home range. Up to five or six cubs may be born, but it is usually two or three. Only one or two cubs from a litter generally survive the first two years of life. Cubs are born blind and depend solely upon their mother for nourishment for the next five or six months. Their weight at birth is about 1.5 kg.

Our goal is to protect Cinta, her territory and prey, so she can become a successful mother. Please, can you help her?

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