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Sumatran Tiger

Langka's BIO

Langka lives in the hilly southern tip of the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. Her territory extends into the lowland areas of the ex-logging concession called Hatma Hutani toward the east, as well as the low land area of the ex-logging ‘Dalek Esa’ concession west of the Park’s lower ‘pistol handle’ section. This is near the Orangutan Release Site supported by The Orangutan Project (See areas marked in yellow and blue on the map).

We hope that Langka will have cubs. When the cubs are about six months old, they will accompany her on hunting expeditions so they can feed directly on the kill. In the following months, they will slowly learn how to hunt and kill their own prey. By 16 months of age, tigers have fully developed canines, but they are not very efficient at killing prey. By 18 months of age, both sexes start making their own kills. At this age males will leave to establish their own territory. Females tend to stay longer with their mother. The father plays no part in the upbringing of the cubs.

Langka means ‘rare’ in Indonesian and Sumatran tigers are indeed rare and facing extinction. Our goal is to protect Langka, her territory and prey, so she can become a successful mother. Please, can you help her?

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