Help us save the tiger!

The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered, with as little as 300 left in the wild. By adopting a tiger, supporting our habitat protection program, or giving a regular donation, you can make a meaningful and direct contribution to their survival.

Save the Tiger

We need your help

We need people like you to help us achieve our goals.
Join us by adopting, donating and campaigning for action.

  • Adopt

    These adoptions are symbolic - you are not adopting a single animal. Instead by choosing one tiger you are actually helping the entire local population of wild tigers. Read more

  • Donate

    Read more

  • Save Forest

    The Sumatran tiger's rainforest is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, and if we don't work to stop the destruction and preserve what precious little habitat is left, the Sumatran tiger ... Read more

Donate Now

Tigers are highly intelligent and self-aware beings, therefore their needs can only be met when living in the wild in their ...


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