• The Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem

    Donate Protecting the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem: The Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) ecosystem encompasses one of the largest remaining lowland forests on Sumatra and provides crucial habitat for Critically Endangered species such ... Read more

  • Sumatran Ranger Project

    Donate The Sumatran Ranger Project (SRP) is a community conservation initiative whose vision is to ensure the long-term protection of the buffer zone of the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra. ... Read more

  • Forum Konservasi Leuser

    Donate Forum Konservasi Leuser is a grass-roots non-government organisation that strives to protect the Leuser Ecosystem and its biodiversity for the sake of Aceh's future. Their goal is to protect ... Read more

  • WildlifeAmbulance and Veterinary Training

    The Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) has a population of less than 400 individuals. They are threatened by habitat destruction and poaching. With such a small population remaining, ... Read more

  • Sustainable Green Sumatra

    Donate Human-tiger conflicts have increased in North Sumatra over the years as encroachment into forest habitat continues. Yayasan Sumatra Hijau Lestari (YSHL), which translates to Sustainable Green Sumatra, has been ... Read more

  • APE Protector: Tiger Patrol Team


    Funded by ... Read more