Your Lasting Wish for Sumatran Tigers

Leaving a Gift in your Will to The International Tiger Project is one of the most powerful (and practical!) ways you can help us secure the survival of Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers.

Your Gift will be carefully used to protect Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers and to secure, restore and patrol their rainforest habitat so they can live safe, wild and free, in secure populations. What a legacy!  

Of course, leaving a Gift in your will is a very personal decision and you should look after your loved ones first.

Once this provision has been made, it is possible to include a Bequest to The International Tiger Project in a number of different ways:

  • Residuary the remainder of your estate once all other legacies and expenses have been deducted.
  • Percentage of your estate.
  • Specific sum: You may nominate a specific sum of money in your Will.
  • Property: A Gift of real estate.
  • Stocks & shares: A percentage of stocks and shares in your portfolio.
  • Superannuation and/or Life Insurance policies: Nominate The International Tiger Project as a beneficiary.

Below is the wording you can use to include The International Tiger Project in your Will.  You can nominate The International Tiger Project or either of our two sister projects: The Orangutan Project or International Elephant Project. 

You can also choose to leave your Gift to our parent organisation, Wildlife Conservation International so that your legacy supports the survival of Critically Endangered orangutans, elephants and Sumatran tigers! 

All three Projects are registered Australian charities and our  ABN is 92 607 879 345.

If you have a question about leaving a Bequest or you’d like to tell us about your intention please email our Bequest Manager at

We understand that leaving a Bequest is a personal decision and of course you don’t have to tell us, but if you do it will help us plan for orangutans well into the future, and Leif will be able to get in touch to thank you personally!   

Download our International Bequest Wording

Download our Bequest Wording for the USA