Ecoflix - innovative new non-profit streaming platform

Have you heard about Ecoflix, the exciting new video streaming platform that donates 100% of its membership fees to animal non-profits like us? We spoke to the founder, David Casselman, about what inspired him to start this new venture and his hopes for the future.

Sign up to Ecoflix via our International Tiger Project page and we’ll receive 100% of your membership fee!

What inspired you to create Ecoflix?

I had been doing pro bono work as an attorney, helping animals for decades. When I retired, I felt lost because that was one of my most direct connections, and means to make a difference for animals, who had no voice. 

So I had to get out of my funk and find a way to pull my weight and continue to turn things around for animals around the world.  That caused me to reflect back on a film I had helped produce, called Love and Bananas. That film had impacted many people.  So, reminded of the power of film, I conceived the idea of creating a nonprofit streaming video service dedicated to saving animals and the planet. The first part of that plan was to partner with great NGOs around the world, to help support them in their efforts to make a difference.

Which films can people see on the platform?

We create our own shows and films to document amazing direct conservation work that we are undertaking as well as that of our amazing NGO partners. 

In addition we provide a free distribution platform for NGOs and wildlife filmmakers around the world, all of whom we select because they are doing great work which we believe will be impactful to our viewers.

Why did you choose the International Tiger Project to receive donations?

I had the pleasure of meeting and learning about the amazing work of Leif Cocks, and his teams, and soon realised that it would be important to help support him and his work saving tigers.

As part of my own conservation work I co-founded a sanctuary in Cambodia. Next, I was blessed to be able to partner with the amazing Lek Chailert in Thailand. People involved in sanctuary work quickly learn the difference between the dishonest, good, and excellent sanctuaries and NGOs.

What do you hope Ecoflix will achieve in years to come?

There is so much we hope to be able to achieve. First, we hope to continue growing, with the goal of becoming the go-to, most trusted name in the world of film and conservation of animals and the planet.  

As part of our current non-profit work, we are already deeply involved in our own projects trying to directly save tigers, elephants, whales, gorillas, orangutans and many more species around the world. 

We are also helping to directly support several dozen NGOs, but hope to do much more. Plus, we hope to educate and inspire children around the world. To accomplish that, we are free to schools worldwide. 

In any way we can, we hope to educate and inspire millions of people around the world to join us to save animals and our planet before it is just too late.

Our mantra is to think big, start small, but act now!

If you’re inspired to be part of this new movement, join Ecoflix via our International Tiger Project page and get access to dozens of wonderful animal and environmental documentaries and films.

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