[VIDEO] Meet the team fighting for West Sumatran tigers

We're excited to showcase some of the remarkable work of the APE Protector Tiger Team, via their initiative 'PAGARI'.

PAGARI West Sumatra: Conservation in Action

On-ground in West Sumatra, the APE Protector Tiger Team works every day, fighting for Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers’ lives. Their work is made possible by International Tiger Project donors. The below video highlights their dedication to protecting the endangered Sumatran tiger in Nagari Sontang, West Sumatra.

Tigers in West Sumatra

West Sumatra is a critical habitat for the endangered Sumatran Tiger, facing threats from habitat loss and poaching. Tigers are hunted for their skins and body parts, while human-tiger conflicts arise with habitat encroachment.

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PAGARI: For the Future

PAGARI, or Nagari Children Patrol, plays a crucial role in our conservation efforts in Nagari Sontang, West Sumatra. Here's what PAGARI does:

  • Community Education: A focus on educating local children and youth about the importance of conserving the environment and protecting wildlife.

  • Future Conservation Champions: PAGARI aims to nurture a new generation of nature champions. By involving children and young people in conservation activities, they become advocates for preserving their natural surroundings.

  • Conflict Prevention: The team teaches children how to avoid encounters with tigers and other wildlife. This knowledge is vital in reducing human-tiger conflicts, making it safer for both people and tigers to share the same landscape.

  • Building a Positive Relationship with Nature: The program instils a sense of respect and love for nature in young minds. It helps children understand their role in protecting the environment and wildlife, creating a positive attitude towards conservation.

The APE Protector West Sumatra Tiger Team

In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) established the Tiger Patrol Team in February 2022, thanks to generous funding from International Tiger Project donors. This dedicated team is on a mission to protect the Sumatran tiger population through vigilant patrols and community education.

Comprising a committed captain, two field assistants, and four experienced rangers, the West Sumatra Tiger Team is gearing up to patrol Nagari Sontang, a region where Sumatran tigers roam unprotected.

You make projects like this possible 

Tigers in West Sumatra need your support. Your contribution makes a real difference in protecting these majestic creatures and their habitat. Together, we can put an end to poaching and ensure a safer future for Sumatran tigers and local communities.


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